9-week program combining three training protocols into one workout for a total solution. Created by Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese. Coming this winter.

This nine-week program combines three powerful training protocols of density training, strength complexes and Tabata — in the same workout — for a total-body solution to help you build muscle, shed fat, boost endurance, and increase definition from head to toe faster than you ever thought possible. Autumn designed this program as three, 3-week phases that will increase in intensity and exercise difficulty. You’ll commit to five days of exercise per week with workouts ranging from just 18 to 30 minutes. On workout days, you'll also do Controlled Stretch sessions using stretching, breathing exercises, and other restorative techniques that will help prepare you for better sleep and recovery overnight. 

Autumn Calabrese is redefining what "control freak" means and really highlighting the benefits by turning it into a positive. Take control of all the things in your life — nutrition, exercise, sleep — to live a happier, healthier life.

Day 1 of 9 Week Control Freak

Are you ready to make big changes, take back control, and have some fun along the way? Become strong, lean, and powerful by taking back control of their lives with 9 Week Control Freak. Commit to becoming a "control freak" today!


What Do I Get With This Program?

  • 2 Prep Workouts, 36 Unique Workouts, 6 BONUS Routines, 6 BONUS Weighted Routines, and Transformers 
  • Getting started guide 
  • Simple, clean nutrition guide with meal plans and recipes 
  • 6 Week Transformation Journal 
  • Wall Calendar + Transformer Tracker 
  • Hybrid Calendar to switch things up for multiple rounds 
  • 12 months access to Beachbody on Demand to steam hundreds of workouts from anywhere you have wifi access. 
  • 30 day supply of our superfood health shake that will level up your health and vitality. 
  • 30 day supply of our toxin free performance line that will level up your physical results.